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Early career researchers wanted to help with e-CPD for teachers

12 January 2010

Science Learning Centres are looking for early career researchers to get involved with their Fresh Science project - this is the online component of their teacher CPD programme Bringing Cutting Edge Science to the Classroom.

The idea behind the project is help secondary science teachers to bring contemporary science and real scientific data into their classes through collaboration with researchers. The project gives researchers the opportunity to communicate their science to a public audience and could lead to longer-term associations between the researchers' institution and schools.

Each researcher would work with one or two individual teachers and interact with them via a website. The aim would be to work with the teachers to develop a classroom resource using the researcher's data.

Anticipated time commitments would be 1 hour/week for 12 weeks.

Participating researchers would be required to provide:

  • A short written account of their research
  • A sample data set that could be used by students
  • A short video biography explaining their career path (if possible)

Science Learning Centres are initially looking for researchers to become involved in the pilot programme in spring 2010. Researchers who would like to know more or who are interested in taking part should email the external contact below.

External contact


Patrick Middleton, Head of Engagement

tel: 01793 413368