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BBSRC welcomes launch of Society of Biology accreditation programme for Bioscience Degrees

13 October 2010

BBSRC welcomes the launch today of an accreditation programme for UK bioscience degrees by the Society of Biology. The accreditation programme is being launched at a meeting of industry and academic representatives being addressed by the Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts.

Dr Celia Caulcott, Director of Innovation and Skills at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council said, "BBSRC has been very pleased to support the Society of Biology in developing the framework for Degree Accreditation. The supply of people into research crucially depends on education at undergraduate level. Accreditation has the potential to help ensure that there are degrees or degree pathways which reflect the key requirements of modern scientific careers in specific sectors. We encourage universities to consider Society of Biology accreditation as one way in which they can demonstrate, to students and industry partners, their commitment to providing the scientific training needed for future research and scientific careers."

The degree accreditation programme will recognise academic excellence in the biosciences and will highlight those degrees which educate the research and development leaders and innovators of the future. It aims to help students and employers identify Bioscience Degrees within the varied Bioscience Higher Education landscape which provides graduates with the level of skills needed to progress into scientific research careers. The programme will act as a driver for improved standards of teaching and learning in the biosciences.

The Society of Biology's Accreditation Programme has been developed with the support of BBSRC, the Department of Business Innovation & Skills, and through partnership between the Society of Biology, Higher Education, Industry, and the Society of Biology's member organisations.

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