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Policy news

BBSRC is seeking the opinions of non-faculty researchers performing essential research and research support roles. These staff are involved in activities such as (but not restricted to): Operation and development of instrumentation; Support for and development of software; Support for data analysis, curation and management, including statistical and bioinformatics support; Support for experimental methods, data collection, sample preparation.

A group of leading UK research organisations has today issued an initial joint statement in support of the continued use of CRISPR-Cas9 and other genome-editing techniques in preclinical research. This includes the use of the technology for research purposes in human reproductive cells and early embryos, where this is fully justified, scientifically and ethically, and within the confines of the law.

The future of global agriculture, the ability of plants to adapt to a changing climate, and issues of antibiotic resistance are just some of the areas being discussed by participants in an online community designed to input into a strategy for publically-funded science. The John Innes Centre, one of the UK’s leading research institutes in plant science and microbiology, is seeking public views as it considers a new five-year research cycle.