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Report details the impact of the John Innes Centre

Report details the impact of the John Innes Centre - 21 February 2014. iStock
News from: The John Innes Centre

Every pound invested in the BBSRC strategically funded John Innes Centre science today will give £12 back to the UK economy in 10 years' time.

That's the conclusion of an independent report which looks into the impact of the world-leading research at the plant science and microbiology institute on the Norwich Research Park.

The report, compiled by Brookdale Consulting, highlights how fundamental research has already made an impact and how it will continue to do so.

Among the breakthroughs described in the report are:

Future research is also highlighted in the report, including studies to develop a form of maize which will 'make' its own nitrogen rather than reliance on nitrogen fertilisers, and a new DNA-based technology which could address antibiotic resistance.