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Livestock farming is often dismissed as irredeemably inefficient and polluting. But that was before anyone thought of considering a cattle herd as a diverse group of animals. A new study reveals that the implications of livestock farming on climate change should not be drawn from aggregate statistics, based on a new method of carbon foot printing for pasture-based cattle production systems that can assess the impacts of individual animals.

A new resource created by scientists at the Norwich Research Park is helping to uncover what makes certain strains of bacteria more dangerous than others. There are many different types of Salmonella bacteria, most of which have adapted to live in the guts of different animals, including humans, other mammals and birds.

A new software collaboration makes a vast range of biological databases more accessible for exploitation. Data mining and visualisation software created to help plant scientists trawl diverse biological databases for clues to design better crops can now support less specialist users and across a range of disciplines, including human disease research.