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Research technology news

Demonstrator technology takes to the skies to collect data for field trials. Following the revelation that English Premiership football club Everton FC is using drones to monitor player training sessions, it seems there’s nothing these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) aren’t being primed to do: everything from delivering post (and pizza!) to security, defence and recording home movies and major sporting events.

Biologists are looking to extract as much information as possible from small amounts of valuable biological material, and to understand biological responses at higher levels of resolution. TGAC has been working to reduce the input requirements for DNA and RNA sequencing projects down to the single-cell level by introducing the Fluidigm C1 single-cell system, FACs-in-a-petri CellSorter and the Labcyte Echo microscopic liquid handler.

A state-of-the-art imaging technique will allow researchers to study the growth and behaviour of individual organs in living animals. Images showing the development of a human tumour implanted into a mouse, produced using the new device, have been published in Nature Photonics.