Video transcript: Winning early-career researchers excel in entrepreneurship

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December 2011

Dr Ben Owens, MD Metachem Solutions, Biotechnology YES winners 2011
Hi, my name is Ben Owens and I am Managing Director of Metachem Solutions, the winner of the 2011 Biotechnology YES competition.

We are delighted to have won. The team we formed specifically for the competition, we didn't all know each other before we started, and it has been an incredible journey starting at the regional heats in Oxford, where we actually came to the heats with an idea of a business and through the help of the mentoring and the specific sessions that we had, we managed to sculpt this into an idea for a real business that the judges actually thought had some realistic potential. It has made me think completely differently about the way that academic research can be translated into a commercial environment and it's been an exceptional opportunity to meet a huge range of people and learn how to work with a team to take, basically, scientific ideas and all the problems associated with the development from a scientific concept into an actual viable business opportunity.

It is really unique to have this kind of opportunity. So yeah, it has been a fantastic opportunity, I really incredibly encourage all early career post docs, PhD students who have any interest at all in industry or the biotechnology world to get involved as it is a completely unrivalled opportunity to meet various people who will be incredibly useful for you to talk to about career opportunities and the transition from academia to industry. So yeah, I really think you should give it a go because at the end of the day anyone can actually develop these ideas into a real company and going forward from this it actually gives you the confidence that you can actually do it yourself and your actual research or concepts you are developing you can actually yourself take them into viable business ideas.



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