Employment code:

Appendix A7.9

Premium payments

1. Definition

Premium payments are an hourly-rate payment for time an employee works on a weekend or a public or privilege leave day (inc. local holidays).

2. Eligibility

All employees are entitled to premium payments for all hours they work on a weekend or a public or privilege leave day (inc. local holidays), except if they are

Note: Eligibility is unrelated to whether or not an employee is entitled to overtime. The two payments are separate.

3. Payment

Rate of payment

The hourly rate of premium payment is calculated from Plain Time Rate (PTR), as follows:

a)  Saturday

b)  Sundays, public holidays, bank holidays and privilege days (inc. local holidays)

The method of calculating PTR is given in paragraph 1.4 of appendix A7:1.

Premium payments will be paid in addition to:

4. Call-out

If your attendance at the workplace qualifies you for a minimum call-out credit, premium payments will be made for the number of hours credited even if the number of hours you actually worked is less.

5. Status of premium payments

Premium payments are reckonable for superannuation purposes but are not subject to deduction of WPS contributions. They are not reckonable for performance pay.

6. Time off in lieu of premium payments

You cannot normally take time off in lieu of premium payments.

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Last updated 05/11/10
Amendment 109 - November 2010