About us:

UK research and innovation campuses

We provide strategic funding for 8 institutes, 7 of which are based at 5 separate and distinctive campuses across the UK.

Together the 5 research and innovation campuses make a key contribution to the UK innovation ecosystem, ensuring that research makes a variety of important impacts for the UK, enabling economic growth, assuring national security, contributing to interactions with important international trading partners and supporting key economic sectors.

Investment in each of these campus: institute combinations has already enabled the development of excellent science at the institutes, and driven components of the national innovation agenda.

We recognise 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts' and seek to support creative investment across all of the campuses to drive impact from innovation. Further investment will increase the potential to bring even greater impact from research for the widest possible benefit, nationally and internationally.

In early 2011, the Government awarded BBSRC £70M to invest in Babraham Research Campus and Norwich Research Park.