Research Committee B

Plants, microbes, food and sustainability

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Core members

Tina Barsby (Chair) - National Institute of Agriculture Botany
Frank Sargent (Deputy Chair) - University of Dundee
John Armstrong - University of Sussex
James Brown - John Innes Centre
Andrew Corran - Syngenta
Jeremy Derrick - The University of Manchester
Linda Field - Rothamsted Research
Chris Franklin - University of Birmingham
John Gatehouse - Durham University
Julie Gray - The University of Sheffield
Anthony Hall - University of Liverpool
Eric Holub - The University of Warwick
David Jones - University of Bangor
Julian Ketley - University of Leicester
Guy Kirk - Cranfield University
David Leak - University of Bath
Philip Mullineaux - University of Essex
David Pearce - NERC British Antarctic Survey
Gail Preston - University of Oxford
Saul Purton - University College London
Nicholas Smirnoff - University of Exeter
Derek Stewart - James Hutton Institute
Marjan Van der Woude - The University of York

For a list of members who attended the last three responsive mode meetings please visit our Recent grant awards webpage (see related links above).

Meeting dates


18-19 February

21-22 May


25-26 February

20-21 May

23-24 September


19-20 February

21-22 May

11-12 September


28-29 February

15-16 May

18-19 September


16-17 February

25-26 May

19-20 October