Bioscience for Society Strategy Panel

BSS provides strategic input on the social dimensions of the conduct and outcomes of research supported by BBSRC.

In order to fulfil its responsibilities the Panel works closely with BBSRC's other Strategy Advisory Panels.

BSS is responsible for:


Sir Roland Jackson (Chair) – Sciencewise-ERC
Ms Wendy Barnaby – Independent
Dr Jane Calvert – The University of Edinburgh
Professor Joanna Chataway – RAND Europe​
Professor Mark Hankins – University of Oxford
Professor Christine Hauskeller – University of Exeter
Professor Brian Ilbery – Countryside and Community Research Institute
Dr Sandra Knapp – Natural History Museum
Mr Patrick Mulvany – UK Food Group
Dr Erinma Ochu – University of Manchester
Dr Martyn Pickersgill – The University of Edinburgh
Dr Gene Rowe – Independent
Dr Patrick Sinnett-Smith – Pfizer Ltd
Dr Kate Weiner – The University of Sheffield
Mr Rob Yorke – Independent

Meeting dates and minutes

Minutes and agendas for the past 3 years can be found below. If you would like to view minutes and/or agendas older than 3 years, please contact us using the details below.


26 January

5 June

2 October


30 January

20 May

24 September


11 January

22-23 May

19 September


18 January

17 May

12 September


28 January

19 May

30 September

Cross BBSRC subgroup – 'BBSRC – an open organisation'

Following recent internal discussions with BBSRC's advisory bodies around the concept of 'openness' a cross-BBSRC subgroup has been set-up to assist BBSRC in considering how it functions as an open organisation and how it can continue to develop in this area.

The subgroup draws membership from across BBSRC's advisory and decision making structures as well as from several relevant external organisations.


Melanie Welham (Chair) – BBSRC Executive Director, Science
Maggie Dallman - Imperial College London, BBSRC Council member/BBSRC Strategy Advisory Panel Chair
Russell Foster – University of Oxford, BBSRC Council member
Paul Gemmill - BBSRC Executive Director, Communications and Information Management
David Gregory – Independent, BBSRC Council member
John Hand – EPSRC, Lead, Impact Integrator
Tim Hughes – Involve
Roland Jackson - Sciencewise, BBSRC Strategy Panel Chair
Clare Matterson – The Wellcome Trust
Maria Nyberg – Head of Open Policy Making, Cabinet Office
Judith Petts - University of Southampton, BBSRC Council member

The group will meet for the first time on 18 June 2014, after which further details of the group's work will be made available here.