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News feeds help

Why subscribe to news feeds?

  • Save time – no need to visit numerous individual websites
  • Keep updated with online content such as news stories and blog posts
  • Stay in control – you decide which sites to follow

When a new item is published on a website you are monitoring your feed reader will automatically pull in the item, so you don't have to visit the website.

You can use your browser or download desktop- or web-based feed reading software (known as feed readers, news readers or aggregators) to monitor any number of feeds from different sources.

Our feeds

You can subscribe to three BBSRC feeds:

To follow our feeds you need to add them to your feed reader.

Our feeds use RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Using your web browser's feed reader

Most new web browsers include a built-in feed reader. If you have an open browser most of the time, this may be the best feed reader option for you.

The following browsers include a built-in feed reader:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari 2.0 and above

Google Chrome does not have built-in support for RSS feeds by default. They do, however, offer a downloadable extension which can automatically detect RSS feeds. You can download the extension from the Google Chrome Help website.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and below do not have built-in support for RSS feeds. If you have one of these browsers you can use an external feed reader, upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or above, or use another web browser to view our feed.

Adding a feed to Internet Explorer 7 and above

If you visit a page containing a feed you will notice the orange feed logo on the toolbar. Click on the logo to view the feed, then in the yellow box click on 'Subscribe to this feed' to add it to your feeds list.

To view your Internet Explorer feeds, open your Favorites by clicking on the star icon

to the left of the tab(s), and select Feeds

Adding a feed to Firefox

There are 2 ways of subscribing to a feed in Firefox:

  1. If you visit a page containing a feed you will notice the orange feed logo to the right of the address bar. Click on the orange logo to display all the feeds available on that page and select a feed to add it to your Live Bookmarks
  2. View the feed itself (see image below). Click the 'Subscribe now' button to add the feed to your Live Bookmarks

Once added to your Live Bookmarks you can access the feeds from the Bookmarks menu on the toolbar.

Using a web-based reader

There are many web-based readers available. One of the most commonly used is Google Reader.

Google Reader

Google Reader is a free web-based reader. You can sign up for a Google account at Google Reader and then access your account from any computer.

To subscribe to a feed:

  1. Click on the 'Add a subscription' button and enter a search term (e.g. bbsrc) or paste in the URL (web address of the feed)
  2. Click on the Subscribe button for the desired feed
  3. The feed will be added to your subscriptions list on the left hand side