Strategic Plan

Introduction and overview

  • Light micrograph showing chloroplasts in plant cells. John Durham, Science Photo Library
    The age of bioscience

    BBSRC's vision is to lead world-class 21st century bioscience, promoting innovation in the bioeconomy, and realising benefits for society within and beyond the UK…


    Working with stakeholders, BBSRC has identified leading priorities and themes that are essential to keep the UK at the cutting edge of bioscience…

World-class bioscience

Strategic research priorities

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    Agriculture and food security

    Bioscience for sustainable and productive agriculture, supplying not only sufficient, affordable, nutritious and safe food but also non-food products and feedstocks…

  • S Martin TMO Renewables
    Industrial biotechnology and bioenergy

    Energy, industrial materials and biopharmaceuticals, developed and produced using biological processes, reducing dependency on fossil fuels…

  • Stephanie Schuller University of East Anglia IFR
    Bioscience for health

    Driving advances in fundamental bioscience for better health across the lifecourse, reducing the need for medical and social intervention…

Enabling themes

  • Tim Gander
    Enabling innovation

    Maximising the impact of our science and skilled people in boosting the UK economy, informing policy and improving quality of life…

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    Exploiting new ways of working

    Enabling innovative working practices in an era of rapid technological advancement, multidisciplinary research, high throughput technologies, the next generation internet…

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    Working with our many stakeholders, including other funders and the public, nationally and internationally, to deliver our exciting vision for global impact from UK bioscience…

Monitoring, measuring and efficiency

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    Monitoring progress, measuring success

    We will monitor performance and progress with this Strategic Plan through our existing Performance Management System. We will use our Delivery Plan to set out detailed objectives…

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    Efficiency and effectiveness

    BBSRC is committed to utilising resources effectively and responsibly to maximise funding for science…